Yes, you heard it right! SAVE 50% off your children's outdoor session for a limited time only. This offer is exclusive to outdoor children sessions. Session appointments may be as late as October 17th. Your session includes the following features:

Session Fee Savings
Only $32.50 (reg. $65). You may use up to two outfit changes for your session.

utdoor session (free "on location" outdoor poses)
We will travel to your favorite outdoor location, or use one of our selected locations near our studio. Free on-location sessions may be up to 20 miles traveling time from our studio.

Free web proofing
You will have your own personal web gallery to show all of your friends and family for 30 days.

Discount product collections starting at only $175
Our discount collections include a variety of standard portrait sizes and quanities. Standard facial retouching is included in all of our discount collection poses.

Specialty Products!
Ask us about our DVDs, contemporary books, gallery wraps, custom greeting cards and more...

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